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In spagnolo: la questione dell'indio. Una rivisitazione critica.

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After considering a brief and introductory frame work upon concepts like hegemony, domination, consensus, ideology, nation and ethnic affairs, this essay focuses on the critical view on the main contributions of J.C. M and G.B.B. Contributions considered into the debate about “the Indian Issue” in Latin America. Both writers are considered relevant for this analysis because they represent shared features in their ideas and projects; all are linked to the situation of the Indians in two different regions of an old settlement. The main aim is to highlight literary elements considered to be revealing the partial political and ideological objectives inscribed into the rescue projects of the so called “Indian” according to the ancient, and postulated cultural unity which opposes the western view. The main ideas of the article are: 1) M. and B are sufficiently representative writers to start dealing with the “Indian issue” in L.A. and 2) both writers mixed the considerations about a particular political struggle, with the idea of awakening an Indian identity in common as a part of an ethnic project basically counter-hegemonic.
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