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Frack U. Mexico: video-visioni sulla riforma energetica messicana

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Effetti (in)desiderati della riforma energetica aperturista su gas, elettricità e petrolio messicani. Un video ripreso da NarcoNews descrive ai messicani il metodo del “fracking” per l’estrazione del gas. Il protagonista si chiama John T. Hodo (cioè: John Ti Fotto).

Good news! Mexico has the fourth largest shale gas reserves in the world, and the Mexican Congress is about to change the constitution so that private companies can drill for it. That means that U.S. companies will soon be there, fracking for gas. Sure, there may be some complications from the more than 500 chemicals that will be pumped into Mexico’s aquifers, but never fear: Joe T. Hodo, President of “Frack U. Mexico!” is here to show you why Mexicans should stop worrying and learn to love fracking…or else.

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