Intervista al poeta Fabricio Estrada sulla situazione in Honduras e la resistenza al colpo di Stato


Golpe de estado en Honduras da juliopatinio1.

Fabricio Estrada is a well knowed young poet from Honduras, that became my friend during a international encounter of poets in my country, Costa Rica and was one of the poets invited to the International Festival of Poetry of Medellin in 2008 (by economic difficulties he does´t assist). He has an interesting literary blog
Actually he is in the resistance to the coup d´etat in his country.
Juan Antillón
Interview with Fabricio Estrada: “We can´t but reverse the situation by ourselves”
By Mario Casasús
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During a phone interview from Tegucigalpa, capital of the Republic of Honduras, poet Fabricio Estrada (Honduras, 1974) denounced, by means of the word, the coup d´etat against the legitimate President of Honduras, that began last June 28, 2009, carried out by this country´s´ Armed Forces (FF.AA.), which is keeping the nation´s population in curfew.
The Honduran writer stated categorically – to the questions asked by El Clarin newspaper- the following: “We thought this situation would increase the political crisis, without the direct intervention of a real Armed Force that was supposed to be professional, instead of being deliberative.”
Fabricio was the author of the poetry books: “Sextos de Lluvia” (1998); “Poemas contra el Miedo” (2001); “Solares” (2004), and “Imposible un Angel” (Antologia, 2005). He has also participated in the Poetry Festival held in Medellin (Colombia), the 5th Festival “Poetry has the floor”, and the “Casa de America” Festival (Spain). Even, the Spanish Television (TVE) interviewed him for a special TV program about the current situation in Honduras, with the guns.
Poet Fabricio Estrada supports the government of the legitimate President of Honduras. About this, he declared that: “Mel Zelaya opened a space wished by all the progressive forces of Honduras, which benefitted all the marginalized and poor classes historically existing in this country.”
“His government created an action platform to be followed as a relay by those social sectors favoring a structural change in Honduras. One of his main achievements was that he granted the population, who was isolated from the State´s decisions, the power to participate something that eroded, at a fast pace, a traditional political class.”
– You woke up with the news of a kidnapping, now the Congress is trying to legitimate the coup d´etat, what repercusion had this news in Tegucigalpa?
We all know -including the reactionary forces- that the Congress session is a lie, at legally legitimizing the coup d´etat, in fashion with the current Constitution of the Republic, which has been broken according to the political interests of high entrepreneurs and the factual power groups that has dominated this country for decades in an obscurantist way.
The oligarchy and part of the population desoriented by the media bombardment, have been demanding this coup d´etat three weeks ago, so we´re not surprised about the recent happenings; however, we did not expected such a disproportion regarding the military procedures.
We thought we will be suffering an increase in the political crisis, without the direct intervention of a real Amed Forces that were supposed to be professional, instead of being deliberative.
Nonetheless, we still remind the historical terror imposed by the FF.AA during decades of dictatorship; so they were unmasked.
– Then, is “La Cuarta Urna” – ” The Fourth Urn” – questionaire a scapegoat? Has it intended to participate during the citizenship´s excercise called by President Zelaya?
Almost four-hundred people signed their participation in it. The Fourth Urn followed the popular summon for a Constituent Assembly which limited, from the structural sense, the spaces of political action that the transnational entrepreneurs and natives still maintain in the country.
In one way or the other, this crisis would have the same impact we´re seeing now, since the popular organizations have joined themselves to face one crisis after another during the last seven years.
– The last coup d´etat in Latin America took place in April, 2002, against the government of President of the Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias; nevertheless, we don´t forget when airplanes from the Armed Forces overflew the Chilean capital on September 11, 1973. Why, then, we keep on being intervined by the militaries and the transnational bourgeoisie?
We were, incredibly, awaken today by the same sound we heard from the airplanes F-5E in the nineteen-eighties.
One more time the psychological repression coming from the military curtain has been masked under a civilian and non-beligerant behaviour.
The political classes continued their secret promiscuity with the FF.AA., and never stopped tempting and atacking these FF.AA. against the hypocrite democratic achievements reached by the popular willingness.
This incitement has been accomplished today through the complicity of the Catholic and Protestant Churchs, who even prayed in front of the batallion´s doors, intervening against the government of Mel Zelaya.
– Did President Zelaya play a progressive role? Who would be replacing him next year?
President Mel Zelaya opened a space longed by all the progressive forces of Honduras, that benefitted all the poor and marginalized classes that have always existed all along the history of this country.
His government created an action platform to be followed as a relay by those social sectors favoring a structural change in Honduras.
His achievements have not only consisted in lowering the products´ prices, or increasing the workers´ wages; he also participated in politics and granted the Honduras´ population, who had nothing to with the State´s decisions, the power to participate.
This eroded, at a fast pace, a traditional political class that received a heads on warning, obtaining the 62% of the abstention votes from the Liberal and the National Parties during the last elections of 2008.
The coming president would have to move away from this progressive movement which is getting stronger and stronger today, after all that´s been happening in Honduras.
– What´s the role of the usurper, Roberto Micheletti, in the local politics? Who will be selected candidate from the right wing in November, 2009?
Roberto Micheletti has been, for more than thirty years, diputate and militant of the Liberal Party. He belongs to the conservative fundamentalist movement; he has the absolute control over the means of transportation, and is the absolute beneficiary from the cell phone operation lines sailings in Honduras, “Digicel”.
At present, he´s President of the National Congress and, last year, during the historic Prosecutors General Hunger Strike against corruption within the Public Ministery, he was the main opponent to this movement that encouraged the masses in their popular fight; besides, we can say he´s rejected even by the own member of the Liberal Party, since he was fingered appointed of the Central Executive Committee of the Liberal Party.
This is the Vitae Curriculum of Roberto Micheletti, the bright participant of the coup d´etat against President Zelaya.
This coup d´etat demonstrates that there is only one political representation of Honduras´ bipartisanship´s ultra-right movement.
– What is the local press saying about this? Can we say that freedom of expression is in danger?
The independent press was fenced, while the corporation and mediatic mas media run by Rafael Ferrari -zar of the media in Honduras- were misinforming, in a permanent and shameful way, as well as the La Prensa, La Tribuna and El Heraldo journals owned by the entrepreneur and weapons seller, Jorge Canahuati and also by the ex President of Honduras, Carlos Flores Facusse, an eternal backstage fixer of the national creole politics.
“We must not forget to mention the mediatic criminal presence of the opionion journalist, Renato Alvarez who has continuously created obscurantist frights and imbalanced the orientation capacity of the Hondurans, by encouraging the main instigators of the military coup, through his “Frente a Frente”´ program -Face to Face´s program.”
“Thus, Honduran Journalism has been in a blatant massive collusion in the printed media and television,, except in a few cases, tainted by a corruption that is, foe well known by everybody.”
– Being a poet, how do you express your indignation?
These answers are a sample of the indignation each poet should express, from his faith in the humane and the militant politics.
What other poets from Latin America have you joined to denounce this coup d´etat to President of Honduras, Mel Zelaya?
Almost with all of them, in a direct or indirect way. The poets of my generation (1974) have always be friendly in all Latin America, and have answered to this call.
– Do the Honduras trust in the efforts of the international community? Do you think this coup d´etat will be reversed, and Zelaya will return to the Presidency of Honduras?
It´s the least we expect, both solutions are possible. Otherwise, we´ll be obliged to reverse the situation by our own ressources, by being consistant with what, for years, we have been announcing in poetry and arts, in general.
– A final question: what do you mean when you say: “the popular organizations will be taking uncertain actions”?
The popular solutions have their own evolution when their democratic will is ignored.
Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)


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